1. 5 Ways Guests Use Their Tote Bag Gifts After Your Wedding is Long Over

    When deciding what to give your wedding guests as a reminder of your special occasion, don’t discount the usefulness and stylish nature of today’s personalized tote bag. Printed with your specific details on it, the bag serves as a functional item as well as a sentimental one for the men...
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  2. Should You Go with a Geometric Theme for Your 2018 Wedding?

    Among the hottest wedding themes announced for 2018 is geometrics. You read that right! Shapes such as circles, squares, pyramids, octagons, and diamonds are where it’s at. You don’t have to be a math whiz or art enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of a simple straight and curved lines, ...
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  3. Bridal Party Gifts That Mean the World to Their Recipients

    Choosing family and friends to be part of your bridal party takes time. It’s a difficult task that involves determining who will be best to fill the role at your wedding ceremony. Honoring the men and women who make up your bridal party is something you’ll want to do. Providing them with...
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