Choosing family and friends to be part of your bridal party takes time. It’s a difficult task that involves determining who will be best to fill the role at your wedding ceremony. Honoring the men and women who make up your bridal party is something you’ll want to do. Providing them with a personal and meaningful gift is easy when customization options await you with Say It With a Gift.

Some examples of bridal party gifts with lots of sentimental value include:

  • Personalized jewelry boxes. Many brides give members of their bridal party a piece of jewelry to wear. It’s a way to connect with family and friends in a truly intimate way. A custom jewelry box, however, isn’t expected. It’s a high-quality item with tons of sentimental value. The secret of the gift is the message that is etched onto its lid. Full of details about your big day, it’s something they’ll enjoy using years after you say, “I do!”
  • Perfect pillows. A throw pillow complements a room’s décor and adds an extra level of comfort to it. It’s also high in sentimental value because of who gave the recipient the gift and what it has come to symbolize. A beautiful pillow with your wedding day details on it is a great way to remind your relative or friend how much you care about them and how happy you are that they are a part of your life.
  • Frames and signs. Give the type of gift that greets a person when they enter their home. A photo of you and your spouse along with details about your union in a beautiful frame or incorporated into the design of a sign is unique, exciting, and personal. Your bridal party loves being part of the celebration. They’ll honor the occasion and the commitment they made to you by placing their gift item where they can see it and admire it often.
  • Stemless wine glasses.  Give the members of your wedding party something they’ll use often. A beautiful stemless wine glass isn’t as formal as a glass with a stem, yet it is just as elegant. This is especially the case when they see the inscription on the glass and what the words mean to you and your spouse. Anytime they drink wine, they can choose the glass you gave them and remember the wonderful occasion of your wedding day.

So many options await you and your wedding party. When shopping for the men and women that make up your bridal party, keep in mind their age, personal preferences, lifestyle, and role in your life. Once you’ve considered these things, you’ll have a much easier time choosing the right gift for the different people you’ve chosen to celebrate on your wedding day.

Give the women you’re closest to a gift that they’ll never forget. Being a part of your special day brings them tremendous joy. Having a memento to look at, gives them a reason to celebrate your union as a couple again and again.