When deciding what to give your wedding guests as a reminder of your special occasion, don’t discount the usefulness and stylish nature of today’s personalized tote bag. Printed with your specific details on it, the bag serves as a functional item as well as a sentimental one for the men and women who attended your wedding reception. They’ll fondly remember the occasion whenever they use the bag to carry the different things they want to bring with them while on the go.

How Your Wedding Totes Can Be Used

Tote bags are suitable for men and women. They come in many different styles to fit your wedding theme. They have many uses which you’ll soon learn about here.

Among the most popular uses for tote bags, the following five ways illustrate just how versatile the gift is:

1. For produce at the supermarket or farmer’s market.

Durable and easy-to-carry, it’s perfect for transporting fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even floral bouquets from the market to your guest’s home. They’ll take the tote that you gave them to the grocery store or fruit stand every chance they get because it’s perfect for that purpose.

2. As a no-frills gym bag.

Recipients of your gift put their gym clothes, sneakers, and water bottle in the bag so they’re ready to work out before or after work. Tote bags are easy to hang in a gym locker, too, or to fold up and stick inside another bag.

3. To carry books back and forth from the library.

Bookworms can check out more than one or two books at a time because they have an easy way to carry the items home. Men and women are able to walk if they want to or take public transportation without fear of losing a book along the way.

4. As an alternative to a purse or messenger bag.

Lightweight and foldable, a canvas tote makes a great go-to bag whenever it is needed. It holds many things but doesn’t take up as much space as a bulky purse or messenger bag does.

5. To bring lunch to a park or recreational area.

Your guests can pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a break out in nature while they eat thanks to your generous gift.  They’ll be able to carry everything they need to enjoy a good meal in the tote they were given at your wedding.

Your guests are going to get a lot of use out of their personalized wedding favor. Rest assured that tote bags provide men and women with an easy way to travel with different things wherever they go. From filling it up with groceries at the supermarket to carrying it to the beach to hold towels, suntan lotion, and bottled water, there are many uses for custom tote bags as mentioned above. Recipients of your gift will find the best way to use their tote after your wedding day is over.