Planning to send a corporate gift to that client who just closed a massive deal with your startup business? Smart move! Corporate gifts are an excellent way to appreciate your client base, strengthen your ties with business partners, as well as create a better rapport with your employees. They add an emotional touch to an otherwise formal relationship and make your enterprise stand out. But while your intentions may be right, there's always a chance your gift may end up in the dusty shelf of unopened and unused gifts. It's for this reason that we compiled the dos and don'ts of corporate gifting.

Do: Understand the Culture of the Recipient 

Every business or client you come across in your line of work has their unique set of beliefs. For instance, in some countries, a gift should never be wrapped in a white gift paper as it symbolizes death. In other countries, alcohol is prohibited, and sending an alcoholic gift will only be offensive. In light of this, before you send out that corporate gift, make sure you take time to learn about the gifting traditions of that particular company or the preferences of the client or employee in question. Sending a culture-appropriate gift will significantly strengthen your business bond. 

Don't: Go Overboard

Corporate gifts are often a token of appreciation and a way to express your gratitude for the relationship you have with your business associates, clients, and employees. With that said, don't go overboard with whatever you send them. In other words, don't buy an excessively expensive gift as it may end up looking like a bribe. It may even make you look desperate or too pushy, and that's not the goal of corporate gifting. Keep in mind that at the same time, an excessively expensive gift will hurt your company's budget.

Do: Send a Quality Gift

That gift you're sending is not only meant to strengthen your relationship with the recipient, but also reflect the image of your business. If it's too cheap, it'll harm your reputation. Therefore, although you don't want to go overboard, you at the same time don't want to go too low. The rule of the thumb in corporate gifting is to strike a balance between value and practicality.

Do: Personalize

Just because you are sending many corporate gifts doesn't mean you order a set of wines that were on offer  and send them out to all your clients or business associates. What if one of the recipients prefers beer over wine? Take an interest in your associates by learning what they like as well as some of their hobbies. For instance, if they prefer beer, don't just send them a pack of beer. Find out what brand is their favorite, and while at it, add a personalized beer mug to the gift. In a nutshell, send a meaningful gift, and that extra mile you go in personalizing it will surely be noticed. 

Do: Send Gifts Outside the Holidays 

Don't wait until Christmas comes around to send corporate gifts. During the holidays, your client or business partner receives too many gifts from other businesses who like you waited until the same season to roll out their corporate gifts. This means the chances of your gift being noticed are pretty low. Try to send out gifts when they least expect it. This way, even when the holidays come around and you do send them one, they'll notice it even if it's amidst a sea of gifts they've received from other enterprises.