Forget bottles and bassinets. There are better newborn gifts to give new parents! We should know because we carry the items in our online storefront. You can easily find gifts that no one else will be buying for the baby because they are so unique and different.

Here are four products that we know you’ll enjoy buying for the new parents in your family or social circle. You can buy one or all and encourage the moms and dads to mix and match the images they like best on the cards to commemorate their baby’s first year.

Milestone’s Original Pregnancy and Newborn Cards

The perfect baby shower gift is Milestone’s Original Pregnancy and Newborn Cards. The set contains colorful photo cards announcing the date of the baby’s first kick as well as other pregnancy and newborn milestones. The original pack has enough cards to cover all weeks of pregnancy as well as significant events such as learning the gender of the baby and going into labor. This product is printed in Holland using eco-friendly inks.

Milestone’s Original Baby Cards

The second product that we’re featuring is Milestone’s Original Baby Cards. From the moment that a baby is born they are doing marvelous things. Every coo, smile, and tooth they get becomes photo-worthy. With this product, parents are able to photograph their child with the relevant milestone card they’ve chosen. From turning one week old to saying “Mama” for the first time, there’s plenty to celebrate!

Milestone’s Miffy Baby Cards

The third product is by the same company as the prior two products listed here. An adorable bunny named Miffy graces the front of these milestone cards. You’ll see the main character along with other side characters featured on the cards. Clever sayings referring to the event being celebrated is listed in a large, legible font on the front.

Milestone’s Sophie La Girafe Baby Cards

Another character steals the show with this final product. You may have seen the infamous baby teethers popular throughout the globe depicting the character Sophie the Giraffe. Well, these cards pay tribute to the beloved mammal. The baby photo cards spotlight different ages that a baby becomes such as one month and twelve months as well as celebratory events such as smiling and sleeping through the night for the first time.

Buy props or make your own to give to parents to use in their photoshoots along with the Milestone products you’ve chosen for them. They’ll appreciate the gesture and make sure to tag you in the pictures they upload to social media. That way, you’ll get to see your gifts being used and appreciated.

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