You have probably seen our many of our gifts while browsing the website, but how much do you know about Say It With A Gift’s policies and procedures? We proudly stand by our motto: The Art Of Thoughtful Giving.  Here are seven reasons why you should shop with Say It With A Gift.

1. Our Personalized Gift-Giving Ideas Are Heartfelt

Did you know that more than 86% of people prefer to shop with companies that provide personalized gifts? It is a vital statistic since 70% of receivers prefer them over more traditional gifts. Our products are highly usable, but the ability to personalize them makes our gifts heartfelt and collectible.  

 2. We Offer Free Shipping On Larger Orders

We value your business which is why affordability is part of our business model. Did you know, though, that on all of your larger orders (price range depends on where you live in the world), we will waive your shipping free?

 3. We Value Our Customers By Providing Top-Notch Products And Service

We continually look for ways to serve our customers by finding products that make your shopping experience special.  We work to serve each customer by providing you with individualized service and support through online chat, email, or web. We also appreciate the feedback we receive when each of you visits us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Other than our social media pages, you can contact us by any of the following ways.


 4.  We Deliver Worldwide

Did you know that we deliver to our customers worldwide? We consider quality a critical component which is why our customers buy products for a wide range of important events including weddings, holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays. 

 5. Our Gifts Are Unique And Elegant

Uniqueness is what makes our gifts stand out from our competition. The elegance and quality of our items elevate an event with class and style. From our inscribable inventory of glassware to our home and bath accessories, we continually look for new and trendy products that will benefit our customers so that you, too, feel unique.

 6. We Welcome Our Customers With A 10% Discount On Your First Order

Did you know that when you sign up for our Say It With A Gift Newsletter that you receive a ten percent discount on your first order? We want each customer to feel welcome, so we offer a discount as our way of saying thank-you for your patronage.

 7. Our Blog Has A Wide Range Of Tips And Need-To-Know Product Info

Our blog is all about product education, gift-giving ideas, and tips on relevant subjects like etiquette and inspiration. We want to help you navigate our inventory, learn more about the usage of our products, or research ways that gifts benefit you and the receiver.

We will continuously strive to provide you with relevant information that aids you in your consumer buying decisions. Visit our website, blog, or social media pages to find out more about Say It With A Gift or any of the products or inscription services we provide.