Did you know that you need the right glassware for different types of beer? Buying a one-size-fits-all beer glass takes away from the experience that certain beers allow. It is also about the presentation. If you buy glassware for a beer that enhances the experience visually, the drinker will be keen to enjoy it. If you serve beer in an unusually shaped glass, a beer connoisseur will most likely not want to drink it since the wrong design changes the taste. The shape affects the way the beer pours and forms the froth at the top of the glass.  The foam formation is vital as it is what gives a beer an aroma. So, for the beer lover in your life, make sure you think about taste, color, and froth before choosing a personalized gift for the beer lover in your life.

1. Beer Mug

Obviously, the beer mug should be in your glassware collection. It is a very popular choice in the U.S. and Europe because it holds a lot of beer and has a handle which makes it more accessible.  The handle also helps avoid the thick cylinder shape of the glass so that you do not heat your beer when holding it. Most importantly, your friends can toast without worries of breakage since the design is sturdier than most.

 2.  Pilsner Glasses

The pilsner glass holds about twelve ounces and is more narrow at the bottom than the top. The design allows the beer lover in your life to appreciate the carbonation and colors as the bubbles foam at the head of the glass. This glass shape is ideal to retain the foam and the aroma which enhances the taste.

 3. Sampler Tasting Glasses

If you decide to have a beer tasting party to sample rare brews, you will do well to have smaller glasses like a whiskey shape since you can serve smaller amounts. Sampler glasses should hold between 2.5 and six ounces of beer.  

Which type of glass is best? When choosing beer glassware, it should always be about what fits the drinker’s needs. For example, beer mugs are designed to withstand harsh treatment. The thick walls and handle will take a few toasts without showing any signs of wear-and-tear. Pilsner glasses are designed so that the foam eases to the top while any sediments settle toward the narrow part of the glass. The head of glassware is all about retaining the aroma and taste.

Beer Holidays In September To Celebrate:

  • September 8: Sour Beer Day

This holiday celebrates the taste and aroma of sour beers

  • September 20-22: Great American Beer Festival

Held in Denver this year, the GABF will feature 800 breweries and 4000 beers.

  • September 22-October 7: Oktoberfest

Historically, Oktoberfest celebrated the wedding of Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Today, people celebrate the beer and food.

  • September 28: Drink Beer Day

This is the perfect reason to order a set of sample glasses to try out all of your favorite local, homemade, and international pilsners, lagers, or ales.


This personalized gift will be just the thing to add to your beer glassware collection. Does your loved one have a favorite beer brand? If so, it will help you decide the shape and style to buy.