There are several occasions that act as milestones in your life, making it happier, more meaningful and full of love. Wedding ceremonies are one of those moments, and whether is your own, or someone else you know is getting married, this is the time you need to be creative and unique. In order to fulfill those plans, you need to plan the wedding budget well and be realistic about the expenses. If you have figured out the wedding theme and all the décor is taken care of, time to think of the gifting for your wedding party.

Now, thinking of bridesmaid’s or groomsmen gifts isn’t a simple thing. These are the people who stood by your side when you had to make difficult decisions regarding the wedding plan, who were with you while you stressed that your ivory-colored invitations won’t match the cream-colored flower décor on the wall and other issues. Which is why it’s extremely important to pick the right gifts they love.

Experiences Vs. Materialistic Gifts

While the material stuff, if thoughtfully chosen, definitely has an impact on people’s lives, it’s time to get more creative and take a different path. We strongly encourage you to come up with gifts that will show how much their support and encouragement meant to you all the way through your wedding day. One of the best ways to do so is by providing them with an experience they’ll look back on with smiles on their faces. For instance, why not pamper your girls with a weekend getaway in a spa resort to help them relax from all the stress they experienced while dealing with matters regarding your wedding day.

For the guys, why not organize a camping trip in the woods where you can test their outdoor skills and enjoy the days alongside s'mores and campfire. Or if your squad isn’t really a nature-loving type, simply take them on a road trip adventure to a fun-filled city like Las Vegas or Barcelona. Bring those days once again for the last time.

Personal Items

Another way to show your wedding party is appreciated amid the most important time of your life is with personal gifts they will hold dear. While personalized items with quotes and names on them are a nice touch, your wedding is the time to get more personal than that. Remember those bracelets you and your friends drooled over some time ago, thinking you won’t be able to afford? Now is the time to show them you remember and you care.

Be Practical About It

This is the time you need to be considerate and think outside the box. If getting outside the box isn’t really your thing, good that you’re here, looking for wedding gifts at the right spot. Jewelry and other items are precious and show your love, however practical things they will use every day but couldn’t otherwise afford, are the best way to show you listen and care about them. Have your friends started a healthy lifestyle journey? Why not gift them with a high-quality blender, or a year-long membership at the gym for them and their partner. Trust us, they’ll thank you after your wedding feast. Items for their home, luggage bags or other subscriptions for keeping their hobbies alive work wonders as well.

These gifts will require some time and thinking to do, but it’s a small price to pay for what they have given you.