Did you know there are rules to gift-giving? With the many reasons and seasons, it can be confusing as to what exactly you are supposed to do. Do you know what to do when giving a gift? Can you give money? Here are five things you should know about gift-giving etiquette.

1. Is It Okay To Re-gift?

Based on research by the Huffington Post, 83% of Americans claim it is okay to re-gift something that they get as a gift and cannot use. If you received something that you had bought for someone else, how would it make you feel? That said, be sure that if you decide to give someone something you received that it is in its original packaging.

 2. Is It Okay To Give Someone Money?

Unless you are a grandparent who gives pocket money, you should never give cash as a gift. It sends a message that the person did not want to take the time to provide a personalized gift. It also communicates a lack of value for the receiver since you did not care about your friendship enough to buy a gift that signifies it. If you lack time, it is best to buy a gift voucher that you know your friend will use rather than give money.

 3.  Must I Wrap My Gift?

You should always wrap a gift as the unwrapping is what makes it fun. Even if you are giving a gift voucher, you should cover it inside a big box for optics. It is fun to see the reactions you get. If your friend is a big kid, he or she will appreciate the effort you made. Your use of wrapping paper also sends a message. You can choose one that represents a favorite thing or a hobby. Alternatively, you can buy a gift bag that has lots of tissues and ribbons to make it aesthetically pleasing. The more effort you make in the wrapping, the more significant it shows the care you took to present it to the receiver.

 4. Do I Have To Buy An Expensive Gift?

The gift should never be about the value of it. For friends who value friendship, something that is personal is much more valuable than an expensive, store-bought present. As an example, it would be much more meaningful to receive a personalized chopping board with a favorite recipe than something that costs thousands of dollars. Receiving an inscribed gift means your friend knew you well.

 5. Do I have To Give A Personalized Card With My Gift?

It is advisable to give a card since it is typically what the receivers keep.  Choose a card that represents your friend’s personality. Cards that play tunes or do something extra special make the experience special. Never write thank-you or happy birthday. Make sure that you send a message inside the card that connects your relationship to the receiver. 

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