We all have that a loved one who fancies falling asleep somewhere in a campsite while they watch the stars. This loved one is also the same one who prefers fresh air to an AC and has countless souvenirs from their backpacking adventures across the world. 

Now with Easter fast approaching, this would be the best time to start filling their Easter basket with gifts. But what exactly do you get them? Well, since they prefer being in nature, an outdoor or camping themed gifts would be great. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  1. A Customized Camp Mug

For someone who loves camping, nothing beats the feeling of enjoying scenic sunrise or sunset views with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa in hand. Nothing is as blissful as sitting around a crackling campfire with a mug of hot chocolate in hand while sharing or listening to stories with their campmates. On that note, contribute to these precious moments by adding a personalized mug on your outdoor and camp loving best friend or spouse. This way, they'll think of you with every sip they take.

  1. A Highly Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For most camping lovers, the beauty off being out in the wild is being away from the hustle and bustle of the real world and connecting with nature.  But there’s no better way to top off a great wilderness adventure than listening to their favorite tunes while eating some smores. `However, they also love listening to their favorite tunes while in a setting they adore. For that reason, another great gift to add to the Easter basket of your outdoor-loving friend is a highly portable Bluetooth speaker.

  1. A Custom Chopping Board

Camping in the wild, miles away from civilization means no restaurants and no takeaways for your outdoor-loving friend. This only means one thing; they have to fold their sleeves and do some cooking. In that light, one incredibly thoughtful gift to get them is a customized chopping board.

Note, a chopping board for your camp-loving friend is not only a unique gift but also a pretty practical one as they'll be using it over and over again. What's more, they'll think of you every time they are  chopping away their camping dinner

  1. A High-Quality Backpack

Campers and nature-loving people are always on the lookout for high-quality backpacks. Note, they don't just want any bag. They want a high quality, breathable, lightweight backpack with lots of compartments so they can pack as much as they can in it. Why don't you make your camp loving friend’s dream come true by adding a backpack that fits the description into their Easter Basket?

  1. A Hammock

There are plenty of ways to camp other than a tent. Therefore, if they already have a high-quality camping tent, don't waste money getting them another one. Enable them to take their camping experience a notch higher by getting them a high-quality hammock.

Putting together an Easter basket for your outdoor and camp loving friend or relative can be quite overwhelming due to the array of gift ideas available. But with the above suggestions and help from Say it with a gift, it’ll be much easier.