Capitalism is everywhere around us. You cannot go online, to a store, or turn on your television without seeing clever marketing ads targeting consumers for gift-giving. Is there any science to the marketing? Sometimes, we get wrapped up in a cost or a duty that we forget the reasons why we choose to buy things for others. Here are seven primary reasons people choose to give gifts.

 1. It’s a Tradition In Your Culture

Keeping with tradition is a large part of any society which is why we often buy gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or anniversaries. It is also one of the most common reasons why people choose to celebrate by giving gifts all around the world.

 2. You Have A Relationship With The Receiver

Gift-giving is also all about the relationship that exists between the giver and receiver. Whether you love a person, are friends, or work together professionally, gifts given to one another connects to the bond you share. It is also a sign of love and respect.

 3. To Validate The Lasting Love Between Two People

Some customers, like anniversaries, have formal gift-giving rules for buyers. For a couple married one year, you would buy something that represents paper. By the tenth year, you buy something aluminum or tin. On the fifteenth anniversary, you purchase crystal gifts. On the twentieth anniversary, you buy china. By the 50th anniversary, a couple gets gold.

 4. For A Memorable Keepsake To Capture The Moment

Gifts that capture a moment are the best gifts to give and receive as it captures a memory that will be unforgettable. A personalized keepsake like a picture in an elegant frame, a chopping board with grandma’s family recipe, or a favorite saying lives on through this type of gift.

 5. To Give A Gift That Someone Needs

A selfless act is giving to someone something when they are in need. It is not only rewarding and fulfilling, but it is also a good way to give back to a community or family who has done something nice for you. It is also a reason to support others have

 6. To Document An Important Milestone

Milestones are a vital part of growing older. From passing a grade in school to learning to ride a bike, everything important that we accomplish in life is a reason to celebrate. In some cases, a gift will be unexpected. In other cases, the gift is in response to a party or family get-together. No matter the milestone, you should always acknowledge growth.

 7. To Inspire Or Lift Someone’s Spirits

Sometimes, you just need to inspire someone or make others smile because of a loss, a personal tragedy, or a hardship a person experiences. It is also the little moments like this that make all the difference to someone who needs a pick-me-up.

No matter the reason, gift-giving is an important part of every society which is why we strive to provide personalized, inscribed gifts that deliver! Visit us anytime at Say It With A Gift.