With the weather heating up, it is the perfect time to go outdoors and enjoy the extra daylight this season affords summer enthusiasts. With about twelve hours of daylight, you do not have any excuse to have some family fun.  From camping, hiking, and beach vacations, here are seven flask-worthy summer activities to do with friends and family.

1. Plan A Beach Vacation

Did you know that the EPA posts a list of U.S. beaches, lakes, and coastal waters that you and your friends or family can safely visit? Why not plan a beach vacation or two this summer and enjoy a few of their recommendations? Do not forget to take along our flask filled with fresh drinking water while frolicking by the sea. Contact with salty water will cause dehydration and, eventually, more severe medical issues.

 2.  Enjoy Your Local Campsites or Lake By Going Camping

One of the best ways to take advantage of the outdoors this summer is by planning a camping trip. Are you not sure of where to go, yet? Recreation.gov has great information on planning your next camping trip. That said, nothing says summer better than a tent pitched in the shade overlooking a beautiful lake or mountain scenery. Just do not forget to pack our flasks and favorite snacks as the best campsites are remote and isolated.   

 3.  Enjoy A Nice Hike In The Mountains

Did you know that an averaged size person hiking for only one hour burns about 230 calories? Spending the afternoon with friends and family will be extra special when you use the day to explore for wild herbs, mushrooms, or unique plants. A picnic at the end of a long trail can be a nice addition to the day when you have already burned those calories.

 4. Get A Fishing License And Catch Your Dinner

Whether you are a novice or an expert fisherman or woman who will catch the most fish, it is a wonderful way to practice self-sustainability. It is also rewarding to catch your dinner and cook it over an open fire. Just do not forget to buy a day pass or a fishing license so the fun is not interrupted. If you are planning to be near the water at the break of dawn, a nice coffee-filled flask will help you awake just as the morning sun does.

 5.  Explore The Wonders Of National State Parks

The National Park Service website enables you to search by geographic location for local state parks to visit. Whether you are visiting the National Historic Trail or the Great Basin, you will enjoy many activities like boating, hiking, kayaking, cycling, fishing, and camping. Better yet, learn about the landscape by capturing the beauty of mountains, valleys, canyons, deserts, or lakes that make the wilderness unique and memorable.

Our personalized flasks include adventure, bicycle, circle, antler, and monogram designs which enable you to choose each one for a different summer get-a-way destination. They are also personalized so that your family can carry their beverages individually