Gift-giving is a permanent imprint on human culture. We have been offering gifts since time immemorial, and that practice isn’t about to stop now. However, that doesn’t mean every one of us is a perfect gift giver. Some of us make mistakes, even without realizing it. That is why below, we outline the top three gift-giving mistakes you should avoid. 

  1. Gifting Something You Want 

Just because your friend has gained some weight doesn’t mean you surprise her with a gym subscription membership or a pair of running shoes. Simply because your cousin has been single for the past three years doesn’t mean you buy him a love-life rescue book or sign him up for a three-day single’s retreat. That would be outright rude and inappropriate. Nobody wants to receive a gift that reminds them of their shortcomings or insecurities. 

They say it is the thought that counts, but your thought won’t make any difference if it makes the recipient angry or unhappy. Sure, you might have their best interests at heart, but that’s not what your gifts will convey. A gift should be something the recipient wants, not what you think they need. The next time you think of buying someone in your life a gift, avoid this mistake by taking the recipient’s interests into account. For instance, if they love coffee a lot and would never go a day without downing several cups, a personalized mug, and a coffee maker would make an excellent gift. 

  1. Only Focusing on The Long Run 

Another gift-giving mistake people make is gifting items that only last long. Sure it is good to gift your best friend with something they will have a decade to come, but it shouldn’t just be durable. It should also be practical.

Another gift-giving mistake people make is assuming that everything they offer should last long. Sure, it’s good to gift your best-friend with something they will have a decade to come, but it shouldn’t be just durable. It should also be practical. Surprising your friend with a fancy necklace is okay, but what use is it if it will just gather dust in her jewelry organizer? That said, give practical gifts. Surprise that whiskey lover with a set of rocks whiskey glasses instead of a whiskey joke book they will only go through once and set it on the shelf never to open again. 

  1. Comparing Gift Costs

We get it, you bought Liz a $10,000-dollar gift, and she got you something worth $2,000 only. Sure, your gift is expensive, but it is the thought that counts. She took the time to scour through the internet and went through the hassle of ordering your gift online and surprising you with it. It’s valuable! There’s no competition when it comes to offering gifts. So, avoid comparing how much you spent on your best friend’s gift to what she channeled towards yours. In fact, avoid being extravagant on gifts if your friend is going through a rough patch financially. 

Giving gifts is great, but gifting something they appreciate is precious. Avoid the above gift-giving mistakes at all costs, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned for more informative gift-giving tips today.