3 Creative Ways to Surprise Your Husband 

Men love surprises just as much as women do, and nothing makes them feel all loved than a well-thought-out one. A well-planned out surprise will not only make him fall in-love with you even more but will also rekindle the old flame. This is essentially because he doesn’t expect you to give him any gifts since you already showered him with some last week on father’s day and also because you thought of him and went out of your way to make him happy. 

Got no idea what to get him? Worry not because you came to the right place. At Say it with a gift, our goal is to bring smiles and happiness to the people you love. That is why below we outline some very unique, and fun ways to surprise him. 

  1. Surprise Him with Gifts Throughout the Day 

Instead of giving him gifts the ordinary way, surprise him with a few throughout the day, and at times when he least expects it. For instance, if he loves his whiskey so much, have his favorite colleague drop off a personalized whiskey glass and a bottle of his favorite whiskey on his desk when he’s out on a break. Ensure you include a customized note so when he finds it on his desk, he’ll know it’s from you but will have no idea how you did it. 

When he is out on lunch with his colleagues on their favorite cafeteria, have a random kid give him a gift. Simply put, send him gifts that’ll have him smiling ear to ear but ensure you’re nowhere to be seen. Then at the end of the day, treat him to a surprise date night or a surprise dinner party where you invite all his favorite people. To put this into action perfectly, figure out his schedule way beforehand.  

  1. Make Him King for the Day

Let’s face it; as women, we get our way all the time. We are always the ones being pampered, treated to dinner nights and to surprise getaways. One of this days, allow your man the privilege to be on the other end of the spectrum. For this day, let him have his way. 

Make his favorite breakfast, get him tickets to that game or movie he has always wanted to go to, fall in love with his hobby for a day(even if it means playing FIFA with him), lather him up and help him with the shaving or ask him what he would like to see when he comes home from work. In a nutshell, be a yes person and give him the green light for all the things you usually say ‘hell no’ for a day. 

  1. Date Night without the Kids

When was the last time you and your husband had a night all to yourselves? If you can’t remember, then it has been way too long. With that said, send your kids to a sleepover at your best friend’s house, make his favorite dish and have a candle-lit dinner and while at it, ensure you make a love trail using rose petals, marshmallows or whatever it is he loves. Alternatively, you could arrange with a hotel, so all this is done, and have someone babysit your kid(s). With the ideas above, you’ll not only make him feel special, but you’ll also get to rekindle your flame.